Unfortunately, we are yet to open a physical store. But we are available here 24×7 with all our products.

We take your privacy and security with the utmost seriousness and never keep it at risk under any situation whatsoever. Leveraging industry-standard security measures such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and encrypted order form for inquiries or order placement, we ensure that any of your personal details including e-mail addresses, credit card details, shipping address, and everything else is safe under our certified safety network. You can read further read our privacy policy for detailed information about security and data protection.

Yes. Everything except narcotics as well as other highly regulated medical products are illegal to be sold without prescription. All the medicines we sell are completely legal. The medicines are either from a legitimate pharmaceutical or directly from the manufacturer.

Generic medicines have the same active ingredient as well-known branded ones. The pharmaceutical company manufacturing the medicine with a similar active ingredient mostly holds the patent right of making it. And this may end after 20 years, making this medicine only exclusively available from that company for such a long term. Companies making medicines with a similar active ingredient and exact composition are known as generic versions of branded medicines. Since the advertising and research cost is nothing on generic medicines, they are quite cheaper than the branded ones. However, being built by similar active ingredients at exactly the same composition, the generic medicines have the same effect on your body.


We are delighted to tell you that there are no shipping charges on any of our products. Everything is totally free.

In case you ask for quick delivery, we ship your package through express mail. However, most of our products are shipped through registered mails as shipping also depends on your delivery location.

Your product will be shipped as soon as we receive the payment for the order. In case you did the payment a few hours or a day ago, the shipment is still subject to the bank’s clearance.

Standard time is always provided to the customers upon shipment. The customers are updated throughout the product processing and shipping stages. However, in case you have updates of shipment but the product is not arriving, you can contact the customer support immediately for details.

We ship your products within 24 to 48 hours post payment confirmation. Due to the Coronavirus situation, the product may reach you in 25-30 days.


The first step is to find the desired product on BetterBuyMe. You can explore the products listed on our site and add that to the cart. 

In case you saw a product on our site before that is now missing, don’t worry. Just leave us an e-mail at [email protected]

When you will go to the desired product and add it to the cart, you will be directed to the ‘Checkout’ page, where you can either register as a new customer by providing your email address and choosing desired Username and password OR you can log in with your credentials if you are an existing customer. In case of any questions or problems during the registration process, get in touch with our customer support through email at [email protected] on working days. We assure you of immediate support on all queries.

Once the receipt of your order details reaches the manufacturers, they pack and ship your order asap. Our goal remains to get your order delivered within specified delivery days. In case we fail to achieve this goal, our team will inform you immediately with appropriate reasons. 

Customer satisfaction is our priority as our team works around the clock assuring that. 

Your account is updated automatically once your order is shipped. You can find the tracking details in your account to monitor your package until delivery. Since not all orders are traceable right away, please wait until your country’s customs department clears them. In case the shipment fails to arrive on said delivery date or time, you can contact us directly to us so that we can either submit a ticket or initiate a refund as covered in our guarantee.

We are satisfied if our clients are satisfied with the delivered product. In case of any issues post product delivery, you can get in touch with our customer support right away.


We either take orders via Bank Wire Transfer or CredutCard Payment.

No. BetterBuyMe believes that you should pay what you see and that’s why there are no hidden costs or charges.