BioKap Anticaduta Shampoo Rinforzante con TRICOLFOLTIL


With Tricofoltil®, Olax dissitiflora and Saw palmetto to strengthen and reinforce hair

BioKap® Hair Reinforcing Shampoo, cosmetic formula, contains Tricofoltil® (a complex with Linseed oil, Copper and Biotin), Olax Dissitiflora, China, Saw Palmetto and Pumpkin seeds to strengthen and protect the hair. The Achillea, Hop and Mallow extracts perform a hydrating action that is completed by the specific refreshing action of Menthol , organic Rosemary and organic Melaleuca Alternifolia essential Oils. Nettle extract has a sebum-normalizing effect on the scalp. The formula is enriched with organic Aloe Vera gel, that has a protective action on the skin.

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